Wedding Day Emergency Kit


Wedding Day Emergency Kit

7 Must-Have Items You Need On Your Wedding Day!

Your engagement journey is nearly up and you my dear friend are in the home stretch before the big day. Trust me when I tell you, between the adrenaline from the excitement and the multiple tasks yet to complete you will need to find a pocket of time in which you can prepare an emergency kit for your wedding day.

A Wedding Day Emergency Kit is imperative for a Bride to have on hand to either aid in small emergencies that could arise during festivity preparations or to keep the bridal party refreshed throughout the day. We could rattle off a boatload of items to pack, but I think it’s important to remember that keeping this list simple is key so you’re not overwhelmed about what you could be missing in the kit when you’re in-route to the venue.

First – you’ll want to have a portable and spacious bag to store the items. I love large makeup bags that have a slight see-through appearance because when in a pinch you can find your items fast.

Now for your top 7 must-haves..

Shade of Lipstick

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

More than likely you will have an amazing make-up artist to do your look for portraits and ceremonial events, but be sure to collaborate with your artist in advance to shade match the lipstick they’ll use and provide to your wedding planner so she can have it on hand to help you refresh for pictures afterward and during your reception.

A Pair of Flats

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Flats

Okay, so these won’t fit into your cute make-up bag but have your Wedding Planner store these in a convenient location during the reception because at some point those stunning wedding heels will start to hurt your feet. Don’t worry about compromising your outfit – trust me, you’ll be in those heels most of the morning where swelling & pain could set in… you’ll be glad to have these on hand so you can continue to enjoy the day!

Pain Reliever

Speaking of pain… nothing would break my heart more as a planner to have my Bride or Groom unable to enjoy their amazing day due to a headache or body discomfort. I wouldn’t get crazy and bring a whole pharmacy but a few tabs of Tylenol – great for head & body pain, and Nausea tabs would be ideal. By the way, individual packets would be best in case anyone in the bridal party may require medication.

Mini Manicure Set

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Mini Manicure Set

Yes, you’ll have beautifully manicured hands for the day….BUT just in case, let’s pack one of these in your kit because it’s multifunctional. Chipped nails are not uncommon so the file is handy. Tweezers to freshen the brows and a great tool to remove tight or hinged items (just sayin’). And of course….this will be your lifesaver for the WORST culprit – hangnails!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Breath Mints

Breath Mint

NO GUM ALLOWED! I know….you want to throw two or three sticks in your kit but I want you to bring mints, specifically for that moment right before your wedding planner releases you down the aisle. We will have you pop one of these babies in your mouth- hubby to be will be pleasantly surprised right before the “kiss” and your photographer won’t have to fight to get those amazing photos that otherwise would have been difficult if you had chosen gum and forgot to remove it beforehand.


Wedding Day Emergency Kit- Deodorant

I don’t have to convince you why this is a must. What I will suggest is that you keep your deodorant small, compact and in spray form – again, if you have to share we can keep it sanitary. Let’s move on…..

Signature Scent

Wedding Day Emergency Kit- Perfume

Brides will go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect dress and shoe for their special day.⁣ I don’t blame them…⁣
⁣But let’s take it up a notch and add in a “signature scent” for the day!⁣

Essentially a signature scent is something that represents you.⁣

But how amazing would it be that on your wedding day, you find and wear a fragrance that will forever hold the story of becoming one with your significant other?⁣

If I could do it all again, I’d definitely incorporate this fun and sentimental quest into my engagement process…⁣

I like to lightly spritz, my bride right before she heads down the aisle so that she feels confident & smells amazing!

I really loved sharing my TOP 5 Wedding Day Emergency items with you! As a Wedding Planner, I am like a bag lady and with every imaginable item on hand to make sure my bride is covered ( it’s more than 5 items of course).

If you’re slightly nosey like me and would like to know what’s in a professional Wedding Planners Emergency Kit swing by to see my video where I share ALL the details. Let’s get you there, now —> Wedding Day Emergency Kit video

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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