Hey there! I'm Kay, your redbull + snack loving wedding planner here in Austin, Texas. I'm all about collaborative planning that makes decision making a breeze.
What sets me apart?! brides have raved about my supportive process - some have said it felt like they had a "Best Friend" guiding them through the entire process.

 My fun PHILOSOPHY?! "Hard work deserves a delicious margarita!". So, from time to time, you might find me and my couples brainstorming ideas with spicy margs. appetizers and a toast to the big day.

i've got a reputation in the austin wedding scene by way of  vendors who love to collaborate with me because i make communication and logistics an easy process - so that means you can experience vendors excited to come onboard to create that unforgettable ceremony & reception that's uniquely tailored to your style and preferences.
If you've read this far, beauty, it's likely that I.AM.YOUR.VIBE!
mEET ME IN THE INQUIRY BOX AND i'll schedule us a fun discovery call and we'll talk all things "your wedding".
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your certified bridal bestie

MEET KAY hayden

I wish i knew what i know now,
when i was planning my own wedding.  

you see...I was that super organized, detail-oriented bride who couldn’t let go of her wedding, and you know what happened...? 

On the day of my wedding, I couldn’t take off my planner hat and instead of being able to enjoy the experience and laugh, I was extremely stressed and sooo many things fell through the cracks. 

I assumed people who’d volunteered to help knew their roles, but they didn’t. Sadly, I consider my wedding the worst day ever even though I married the love of my life and we, to this day, have a great marriage.

I don’t want that for you.
I want you to enjoy the day and have wonderful memories to hold onto. 

I didn’t think I needed a planner...I was SO wrong!!


If you’re a bride who:  

✓ Wants an expert bridal bestie in your back pocket, so you’re confident that you’ve done everything you need to do and that your wedding is a celebration you’ll remember (for all of the right reasons).

✓ Is done with going back & forth trying to make decisions and is ready for some clarity, ease, and knowledgeable and experienced help.

✓Prefers to trust an expert that can provide industry insight in order to make clear and timely decisions. 

Let’s get this planning show on the road, girlfriend!

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When we join forces, here’s what you’re gonna get...


Clarity about everything that needs to happen to make your wedding the true fab experience you want it to be 


Peace of mind about things not falling through the cracks or forgetting to do something ​super important 


A stunning wedding day that wows your guests and fills your heart with all the feel good emotions 


A solid plan, lady…. that lays everything out step-by-step plus a planning bestie who will help you knock out to-dos like Wonder Woman knocks out bad guys


More fun and enjoyment throughout the entire process and on your day, so you don’t feel like this was the most stressful time of your life, but the best

let's chat! you'll be glad we did. i promise!

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