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If you’ve had a friend or family member say, “Oh, I can do that for you, that’s a thousand or so you can save.” STOP.right.there.

Your friends and family are wonderful for offering their help and they have the best intentions, but many of your friends may have never planned a wedding before. If your mama wants to take on the task, remember she got married 20-30 years ago; ​things have changed.

Reserve doing the fun stuff with your friends and family members, like going dress shopping, looking at venues, or viewing flowers. As your wedding planner, we don’t take away your control, but help you make informed decisions and plan, coordinate, and/or design your wedding in such a way that it exceeds your expectations and you get to enjoy yourself.

Simply put, as helpful and vital as a site coordinator is, they work for the venue. We work for YOU, the bride. We have your best interest at heart at all times. As your wedding planner, we will work closely with you & vendors PRIOR to your big day to fully understand your vision, and work along side you to make it a reality. It is also our role to manage the set up and time line of other contracted vendors such as your photographer, florist, and DJ. This is typically not a job that is assumed by a site coordinator - they ensure all onsite responsibilities as it pertains to the VENUE not you as a bride or your scheduled activities for the event.

My family and friends say they can help me plan, but I want to hire a planner. What should I do?

but my venue has an onsite coordinator, do I really need a planner?

You have to ask yourself: “how long do I want to stress over planning this wedding?” Your answer is going to determine your urgency, but, here’s the thing—we recommend you hire a planner as soon as you get engaged to secure your wedding date and ensure the experience goes well from the beginning. 

We’ve worked with couples who have hired us last minute, so it’s never too late, but the sooner, the better. 

When is the best time to hire a wedding planner?  

Absolutely! We believe every bride deserves a wedding planner, so she can truly enjoy her wedding day. Once we receive your retainer, we’ll work out a payment arrangement with you so our services are accessible. 
We’ve worked with couples who have hired us last minute, so it’s never too late, but the sooner, the better. 

Do you offer payment plans?  

How much communication will we have?  

You can email and call within business hours and if we don’t answer right away, we’ll do our best to respond within 24 business hours.
We want you to feel heard, in the loop, and supported—that’s why I refer to myself as “the bridal bestie in your back pocket.” 


Our Full Planning services start at $7,800.
For those considering Month of Management ranges start at $2,800.

Great! The next step is that you set up your wedding discovery call or we schedule an in-person meeting where we’ll chat about your wedding. When we meet or chat over the phone, I’ll ask you some questions about what you’re looking for, discuss packages that might be a good fit for you, and you’ll have a chance to ask me any questions you have.

sound good?

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