Yes! You need a Wedding Planner!


Yes! You need a Wedding Planner!

You’re engaged! Congrats! Now what? Most couples in this amazing tech age era start out committing to a DIY process in planning their wedding for two major reasons: belief that Wedding Planners are too expensive & are confident in your “own” research capabilities. 

If I put my “Planner” hat aside – I would agree that both reasons are logical. BUT maybe you should start thinking from the perspective of what you stand to miss out on when you don’t consider investing in one. 

“Helper” is not a dirty word

When you review your budget and think about the cost of each category i.e venue, catering, etc. do you know exactly what each of these services would cost? What about the time frame in which you would research wedding professionals? Yes, there’s the 30-minute lunch break and a few hours when you return home from work but, friend, you need to be SUPER disciplined with your time in order to connect, call, and follow through with emails. 

Having a planner will add value to your entire engagement process. I take pride in getting to know my couples: their loves, dislikes and personality traits. This helps me to assess what vendors I can connect them with to ensure that the vision and experience they’re expecting will be met. 

A Wedding Planner will organize all the moving parts in your journey. To help with organization, clients should be provided with a wedding management app that will work as the central hub for all communication – questions, comments and the option to upload inspirational content.

Outside of your vendor appointments, your planner will also give you tips on how to maximize your budget based upon what’s most important to you. So, if food and entertainment are your focus for the event, we will create a budget around these elements. 

There are also other factors that we’ll be sure to provide guidance: bridal party & invite etiquette, creating timelines, wedding rehearsal, & etc. 

I’ll confess, I’m not delusional. I understand that every couple’s budget is not suited for Full-Service Planning. I do believe, that at the very least – Month of Management is a worth wild investment. Go ahead, treat yourself in having someone manage the various details, vendors, and activities so you can delight and enjoy your special day! 

If you’d like to know some of my most frequently asked questions regarding Wedding Planners, stroll on over here — > Yes, please!

If you’re still on the fence, please comment below. 
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Yes! You need a Wedding Planner!

  1. Alicia says:

    Yes, yes, yes to this! It is so valuable to have a planner on hand! People underestimate all that goes into the day and how much is needed to manage even the actual wedding day to make sure things run smoothly. And planners like you know all the best secrets and all the best people!

    • Kenkinika Hayden says:

      Hello Alicia! Yes, there are multiple moving parts during an event and I would hate for a Bride & Groom to miss out on the special moments because they had no support. Have a great one!

  2. ExoRank says:

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