Vendor Highlight – Amy Odom Photography


Vendor Highlight – Amy Odom Photography

As an Austin Wedding Planner, I’m always excited to highlight other vendors that share the same passion and zeal for the events industry that I love!

Amy of Amy Odom Photography shares her perspective on wedding photography that is insightful, honest, and REAL.

Look forward to walking away from this blog with gorgeous inspirational photos (compliments of the lovely Amy) & candid tips on how to vet an amazing wedding photographer for your special day!

Before we dive in, a quick snap professional & family overview: Amy has 7 years in the business & she provides Wedding Photography services to Austin couples and the surrounding area. She’s a wife, mom of two boys and doggie obsessed!

Amy, how did your passion for photography in the events industry start?

The day I picked up my first camera I was drawn to the beauty and emotion of wedding photography. Years ago, I volunteered to assist a local wedding photographer by carrying her equipment around for her. I loved every minute of that day and knew from that moment on, I wanted to photograph weddings.

Every Photographer has a shooting style – what is your preference?

My photographic style emerged from my love for romance, soft pastel tones, beautiful textures, travel, books, and art. My photography is  romantic, timeless, and sophisticated. I want my couples to look back at their wedding photos in thirty years and be whisked right back to that moment.

Photography by Amy Odom Photography

For newly engaged couples, what pertinent questions should they ask to find a photographer that is complimentary to their personality and style?

First, it’s essential to know what type of photography you are drawn to. Do you love light and airy, dark and moody, or something in between? Once you’ve identified your style preference, it’s easier to narrow down potential photographer candidates.

Second, look through the photographer’s portfolio on their website and across social media platforms. Does their work look consistent? And most importantly, can you see yourself in their work?

Third, once you’ve narrowed down a few potential photographers, set up a time to meet with them in person or via phone call. Couples will spend a ton of time with their photographer on the wedding day, and it’s important to know if that is someone you want to be around on such a big day!

What should couples consider when providing a shot list to their photographer? Is it helpful?

A shot list is not only helpful but necessary for certain parts of the day. I always ask my couples to provide me a shot list for family portraits and to share with me any unique details of their day. I would never want to miss anything important.

Photography by Amy Odom Photography

Many couples are confused about the value of engagement photos. What’s your professional perspective?

I believe engagement photos are an invaluable part of the wedding photography experience. An engagement session is a perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer, how they work, and get in front of their camera before the big day. All of this creates ease and comfort on the wedding day, making your wedding photos that much better.   

Couples adore sunset photos! What are some things to bear in mind when choosing this option?

Sunset photos are beautiful and a favorite for many couples. To get these romantic images at just the right time, it needs to be planned out in the wedding timeline. 

I share with my couples to let the aesthetics of their venue work in their favor. Some venues may offer a large space for gathering but lack in other important factors. From a photographer’s perspective, I am curious about your thoughts……

From a photographer’s perspective, beautiful light trumps everything, and location is secondary. Light is everything in photography. If I can get a beautiful image of the couple in dreamy light with the details of their venue included, we’ve hit the jackpot.

Couples cannot wait to invest in beautiful invitations – is this investment worth capturing as well? Thoughts?

Photography by Amy Odom Photography

Absolutely! Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse into your day that your guests will see. So, it’s essential to start on the right track and make a great first impression.
I always photograph the invitation suite. Many of my couples opt for wedding albums and these detail photos are perfect for integrating throughout the album to tell the complete story.

On a fun note, share some of your favorite wedding day tips that are sure to alleviate stress.

Pass Along Your Wedding Day Timeline. Don’t leave anyone in the dark! Share your final timeline with your hair and makeup artists, your wedding party, and your immediate family. 

In closing, if you could share any “No- No’s for the photography process what would they be?

My best advice here is to hire a professional and trust their experience and expertise. 

We appreciate having the opportunity to highlight Amy as one of Austin’s amazing Wedding Photographers! If you love sophisticated romance vibes and want more, be sure to swing by her website

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Vendor Highlight – Amy Odom Photography

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